Brandon Moreno X Big Sleeps World Champ Letters Hand Wraps [BLACK] LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION

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epresent Ltd.™ 'Brandon Moreno X Big Sleeps World Champ Letters Hand Wraps'

  • 180" length - stretch fabric
  • Hook & loop (velctro closure on top x thumb loop at bottom
  • Tried & tested by professional mixed martial artists, boxers & kickboxers for material durability, size and fit.
  • 180+ inches allows felxibility of virtually any wrapping technique you prefer
  • Breathable yet durable material w/ quick dry
  • Semi-elastic and durable, so they won't come loose from putting on your gloves.
  • Shape retention material.
  • Color: BLACK

LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION: A limited edition collector's capsule build around the first-ever Mexican born UFC champion, Brandon 'The Assassin Baby' Moreno.  Imagined by world-renowned artist & tattoo connoisseur Mr. Big Sleeps, in collaboration with Represent Ltd.™.