Pride Aftercare Tattoo Healing Set – 1 Box


The Pride Aftercare Tattoo Healing Set is a comprehensive, 3-step aftercare regimen that provides new and existing tattoos with the essential vitamins and minerals needed to heal properly and remain vibrant. It contains natural ingredients that were carefully formulated to heal, moisturize, and revitalize your skin. Our unique aftercare system is ideal for rejuvenating and enhancing existing tattoos. Whether it’s a fresh piece of artwork, or an old favorite, take pride in your ink by protecting it with Pride Aftercare. Pride Aftercare Cleanser Hydrates your skin while cleansing, soothing, and disinfecting it with natural ingredients. Pride Aftercare Ointment Formulated with natural ingredients to heal, protect, and soothe your new tattoo. Pride Aftercare Lotion Created to heal, revitalize, and moisturize your tattoo without affecting the ink beneath your skin. Features:
Natural Ingredients
No Dyes or Fragrances
Speeds Up Tattoo Healing Process
Approved by Tattoo Professionals and Skin Care Specialists
Proudly Made in the USA Contents:
1 x Pride Aftercare Cleanser
1 x Pride Aftercare Ointment
1 x Pride Aftercare Lotion
1 x Informational Booklet Testimonials: “My clients absolutely love Pride Aftercare! Each and every one of them has boasted about how quick their tattoos have healed up while using Pride. I feel confident giving my clients Pride Aftercare to heal up their tattoos.” – Jesse Smith “Loose Screw Tattoo” “Pride Aftercare is definitely a product i can recommend and feel good about! Pride Aftercare has shown a reliable and consistent quality of heal and has provided my customers with a great alternative. I recommend this product to any shop for all their tattoo aftercare needs!” – Dave Kruseman “Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery” “Ever since I started providing my clients with Pride Aftercare, I’ve noticed a big difference in the way my tattoos heal, and my clients have noticed too. The color stays more vibrant and even my clients with sensitive skin are very comfortable with using Pride Aftercare. As an artist I only want to provide my clients with the best aftercare for their tattoos, that’s why I recommend Pride.” – Coty Vondracek “Envision Tattoo” “I’ve been using Pride Aftercare from the start, and by far this is the more effective ointment and tattoo lotion out there!! Color stays brighter and black and gray holds the clarity in the deep blacks and the softness in the gray wash. I stand behind this product 100%” – Ryan Hadley “Ryan Hadley Tattoo Studio”

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